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over 100 m2 (7)
Wooden house is the best solution for dwelling from the point of view of health, cost and environment. Contact us to make your dream true.
NameWall thicknessFloor boardRoof boardTotal areaSize
10x12 m70 mm28 mm19 mm120 m210x12 m
12.6x20.1 m70 mm28 mm19 mm260 m212.6x20.1 m
12x9.4 m44 mm28 mm19 mm113 m212x9.4 m
5.98x9.64 m70x70 mm28 mm19 mm115 m25.98x9.64 m
6.12x11.470 mm28 mm19 mm105 m26.12x11.4
8.5x7.570 mm28 mm19 mm127 m28.5x7.5
9.5x8.5 m70 mm28 mm19 mm108 m29.5x8.5 m

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