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up to 100 m2 (24)
We have an extensive range of log homes in our data base and modern tools to create your dream home. Send us a request for a log house and we will estimate your project. Contact us
NameWall thicknessFloor boardRoof boardTotal areaSize
10.2x8 m70 mm28 mm19 mm81.6 m210.2x8 m
10.4x6.3 m44 mm28 mm19 mm65.5 m210.4x6.3 m
10.4x7 m70 mm28 mm19 mm72.8 m210.4x7 m
12.45x7.99 m44 mm, 70 mm28 mm19 mm99.5 m212.45x7.99 m
12x5 m70 mm28 mm19 mm60 m212x5 m
5.3x7 m70 mm28 mm19 mm37 m25.3x7 m
5.7x5.7 m44 mm28 mm19 mm32.5 m25.7x5.7 m
5.7x8.6 m44 mm, 70 mm28 mm19 mm49 m25.7x8.6 m
5.8x5.8 m44 mm, 70 mm28 mm19 mm33.6 m25.8x5.8 m
5.8x6.970 mm28 mm19 mm40 m25.8x6.9
5.8x6.9 m70 mm28 mm19 mm40 m25.8x6.9 m
5x8 m70 mm28 mm19 mm40 m25x8 m
6.66x9.84 m44 mm28 mm19 mm65.5 m26.66x9.84 m
6.7x9.2 m70 mm28 mm19 mm60 m26.7x9.2 m
6.7x9.9 m70 mm28 mm19 mm66 m26.7x9.9 m
6x8.2 m70 mm28 mm19 mm49.2 m26x8.2 m
7.24x5 m70 mm28 mm19 mm36.2 m27.24x5 m
7.71x5.8 m70 mm28 mm19 mm44.7 m27.71x5.8 m
7x7 m70 mm28 mm19 mm98 m27x7 m
8.5x6 m70 mm28 mm19 mm51.3 m28.5x6 m
8.5x7.2 m70 mm28 mm19 mm95.8 m28.5x7.2 m
8.6x5.6 m70 mm28 mm19 mm48 m28.6x5.6 m
8x8 m70 mm28 mm19 mm64 m28x8 m
9.5x6 m7028 mm19 mm57 m29.5x6 m

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